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police got a 911 call saying someone had been stabbed on 21 21st street. not far from san jose high school. ktvu's maureen naylor is live there now with what police told you about this killing minutes ago. >> reporter: we want to show you what is happening. i am in front of the crime scene. this happened on 24th and julian. they moved us back several blocks. they believe what happened a young male, around 14, passed away after being stabbed. there was an altercation. i want to show you over here this man just in the last 5 minutes ran through the line saying that was his brother. it has been a very emotional day out there, details are still coming in. that young man was stand once. police are canvassing the area for a weapon. for those not familiar with the area, we are in front of san
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jose high school. we know the altercation broke ought around this area -- broke out around this area around 3:00 p.m. news chopper 2 is over head. police shut down several blocks as they continue to do this investigation. at this point there is no motive, they are still investigating. we asked if the victim could have been a gang member, they told us they are investigating that but that can't be confirmed at this point. you can see the emotion on the face of the family, having a tough time as they learn about the death. we will bring you more throughout our newscast. live in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. oakland police are looking for two men in connection with a fatal shooting. a man was found about 2:30 p.m. this afternoon and died 20 minutes later. police have yet to give a description of the suspect.
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>> new information about former los angeles police department officer chris dorner who is accused of killing four people. police say the final moments were like a war zone. ktvu's rob roth is in the news room with late information on what authorities just said. rob? >> reporter: frank, in a press briefing that just ended the san bernardino sheriff's department said they believe the body in the cabin is that of chris dorner but a positive identification is pending. >> i cannot absolutely, positively confirm it is him. the suspect we were following and stolen the vehicle matched his description, his behavior based on our deputies interaction was consistent with chris dorner's activity prior to and we are not involved in a man hunt any longer. >> reporter: they found a wallet with chris dorner's driver's license inside the
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cabin. he was hiding out in another cabin. it was here the man they believe was chris dorner tied up two housekeepers yesterday and fled in a car and spotted by game wardens -- wordens. >> the warden jumped out with his rifle and fired 15-20 rounds. >> reporter: moments later the same man hijacked a truck. >> he came with his gun pointed at me. i stopped, he said i don't want to hurt you, get out and take your dog. which is what i did. >> reporter: he then barricaded himself inside a cabin shooting
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two san bernardino sheriff's deputies, killing one of them. they captured some of the fire fight. the times is reporting when the gunman refused to come out s.w.a.t. teams shot tear gas, later the cabin become engulfed in flames and a body was discovered inside. >> we did not intentionally burn down that sheriffs said de checked the cabin and they say it appeared no one had been there. reporting live, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. this morning thousands of people attended the funeral of the rivericide police officer who was kill -- river side police officer who was wild chris dorner. he was killed last thursday
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when he was ambushed. he was also a former marine. chevron knew for years about the corroded pipe that lead to the chevron refinery fire last august. this report says chevron inspectors had warned leaders as early as 2002. the report criticized chevron for not shutting down the unit as crews searched for the leak. chevron said they were protecting the problems. two students arrested in the past week accused of bringing weapons to a high school. ktvu's noelle walker is live after talking with police about how the incidents were handled. >> reporter: not once but twice in a week students were arrested on campus for having weapons on campus. the two incidents at the high school are unrelated. on monday a student reported
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that a student had a gun on campus. it turned out to be a homemade cork gun. now on friday police were also called after a student reported a student for having a stun gun like this one used for shelf defense. police say -- self-defense. police say reports of weapons on campus here are very rare. >> once i noticed we received a call on a friday and then on a monday, unrelated incidents, but highlight that they will bring weapons on to campus. >> reporter: they weren't lethal. >> still scary it is on campus. >> reporter: after school activities and classes are going on. the students heard about this, if they had heard about it through rumors, not through
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official sources. we know the students are facing misdemeanor charges of having a weapon -- or an illegal weapon on campus. they have been displanned by -- disciplined by the school. whether or not the weapons were lethal or not, anything that could harm another student has no place on campus. noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. the family of a girl believed to have been killed by the "speed freak killers" is suing officials. her remains were recovered last year at a mass grave site believed to be the dumping ground of wesley shermantine and loren herzog but now the mother and sisters are suing. they allege the remains were chopped up and co-mingled during the recovery effort. they are seeking unspecified
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damages. new jersey governor chris christie is in palo alto raising money for his campaign and doing so at the home of facebook founder mark zuckerberg. ktvu's ken pritchett is live outside that home. ken, has the governor arrived yet? >> reporter: no, not yet. we are awaiting his arrival for the dinner party, this fundraiser for a top tear republican may come as a surprise to some as mark zuckerberg has been known to rub shoulders with president obama. >> reporter: sightings of chris christie in the bay area will be rare as he isn't making public appearances. his main destination is for a party at mark zuckerberg's house. >> reporter: he says it is not
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surprising the facebook ceo is hosting this fundraiser despite mark zuckerberg attending a private dinner with president obama and holding a town hall with the president two years ago. >> not unusual when you think chris christie is not actually far right. he is not ron paul. that would be really change. and president obama isn't exactly far out on the left either. >> reporter: for chris christie the fundraiser with mark zuckerberg should scare off most competition in the race and sets the bar very high should chris christie run for president in 2016. >> he will be coming out. we will see marco rubio coming out and lots of folks. the atm in the bay area works on both sides of the ill. >> reporter: tonight comes -- on the aisle. >> reporter: tonight comes with protesters. around 5:30 p.m. they expect 50 people here to greet and protest. they were upset with chris
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christie's stance on women's issues. we will have more at 6:00 p.m. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. a judge tossed out four lawsuits against facebook following their public offering. the judge dismissed the suits because he said the investors were not facebook share holders at the time of the wrong doing. share holders allege executives fail to disclose weakened growth projections. facebook's spokesperson said the company was pleased with the ruling. rick perry is heading home empty handed. he tried to convince business leaders to relocate to the loan star state. he held a reception for 200 companies but offered no evidence that he has convinced any of the companies to move. he says competition between the states is healthy. while democrats and
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republicans are debating, a lot of people on twitter and facebook are focusing on this moment on marco rubio's response. >> nothing frustrated me more. >> the choice isn't just between -- >> the social media world blew up after that moment. marco rubio is the senator from florida. a southern california woman is making a plea for help finding her son who came to visit san francisco last week and never returned home. he flew up from san diego 9 days go and supposed to fly home saturday. he was in contact with family till thursday morning when he disappeared. san diego police and san francisco police are now searching for him. >> i know he couldn't have
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disappeared like this. without a trace. no one knows where he is. i mean, i do not know what happened. i want to know. >> he is 5'8", 130 pounds, brown eyes and brown hair and has the words west coast at ituted on his -- tattooed on his arm. anyone with information call police. pope benedict xvi celebrated his last public mass tonight. [ speaking foreign language ] >> he marked the beginning of lent with a mass. he announced his retirement two days ago saying he no longer has the strength to continue his duties. he will be taken to a retreat 15 miles south east of roam.
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dozens of men and women gathered at the bart station in support of the 11 million undocumented immigrants. they want to make sure families are not torn apart by deportation and calling for a clear path to citizenship. >> a message of the faith community standing with the immigrant community here on ash wednesday and saying enough is enough. this is our opportunity to actually make real change when it comes to citizenship. >> it included the pouring of ashes on the street. they chose the mission district because it is known for making immigrants feel at home. they have agreed to merge. this is a move that will create the biggest airline. the boards voted on the merger today. siting sources close to the morninger. they have been in talks for a
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year. reports say the ceo of u.s. air will run the new company. a south bay neighborhood is in the middle of a unusual bomb scare. explosive material had to be blown up and why the homeowner is under arrest. >> feels like late summer. golden gate bridge peaking through. highs today mid-60s. we have 70s around the corner. when they occur and where. and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
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following breaks news. a crop duster crashed near winters and interstate 505. it was reported in the past hour. the fire department is one of the agencies responding to the scene. we are working to get more details and we will update you as more information comes in.
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in santa clara a they continue to search for explosive materials. ktvu's robert handa is live at the house where investigators have been searching and finding dangerous chemicals and devices. robert? >> reporter: well, the bomb squads have been searching and you can see on the front lawn a bunker has been set up to detonate explosive materials too dangerous to transport. >> reporter: bomb squad plan to detonate more materials as they did last night when they blew up a potentially dangerous substance taken from a home in santa clara. >> kind of shocked at first and then i was like unsafe here. because i had no idea this guy had chemicals in there. >> the substance was destroyed on the front lawn of the house. today they continued to collect
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explosive materials. it followed an arrest of a man who made a credible threat to a elected state official. he was arrested in sunnyvale and booked on numerous charges, including possession of manufactured explosives, possession of chemicals used to manufacture explosives and threatening a dignitary and public official. the california highway patrol is leading the investigation because a state official is involved. a spokesman said the house is filled with unknown chemicalsicals and destructive devices. >> you are not going to go in and open drawers if you have something dangerous sitting on the desk, for example, so our first priority was to render everything inside there safe. >> reporter: although investigators aren't releasing details they say neighbors are
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safe. chp was destructed devices. so tomorrow morning they plan to detonate the devices inside a special trailer. he remains in jail without bail. live, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. a bumen was arrested -- a woman was arrested this morning after she led police on a high- speed chase in a stolen car. police tried to pull the car over about 1:30 a.m. this morning. the woman crashed on the harbor street exit in pittsburg. police ordered the people on to the ground and arrested the driver which is what you see happening here. police say she is a transient with a history of auto theft. the board of trustees will meet to discuss the closure of a school. the superintendent is recommending closing the school and moving its students to another school. he says that could save
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$230,000. they were also recommended foreclosure last april but they voted against it. a report shows world wide demand for mobile phones fell in 2012. the demand dropped 1.7% to 1.75 billion phones. this is the first decline since 2009. however the smartphone grew by 39% and the over all market may rebound this year. pennsylvania grad students is suing because she received a grade of c plus in one of her classes. she said it kept her from getting her degree. the lawsuit is asking for the grade to be changed and $1.3 million. that is what she claims is the value of a masters degree. a judge will hear the case this
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week. the days in the bay area have been gorgeous. bill martin, we saw an amazing picture of the golden gate bridge. >> almost looked like summer, you saw the gold -- the golden gate bridge through the fog. that is what we get in may, june, july. it is february. you don't usually see that this time a year. it was warm today. 67 in santa rosa today. cool along the coast. mid-60s in the valleys, livermore, fairfield. temperatures tomorrow going up. warmer day tomorrow. you can see everything over the top. i like this shot. see that? you see that. see it pushed away? the winds were light off shore today. they will become more powerful the next couple days.
5:22 pm
enough that we won't see coastal fog, at least by tomorrow afternoon. we couldn't. it returns tonight along the coast. in pacifica. fog is there. i think by noon time i think it pushed away to the south and off shore. forecast highs tomorrow will be warmer. current temperatures, still warm. 63 in fairfield. right now antioch 65 degrees and it is february. the numbers are impressive considering the time of day and time of year. temperatures tomorrow will eclipse these numbers, 70s tomorrow. the high pressure spins around the upper atmosphere, presses down, pushes the molecules of air together and they rub and heat up. like when you rub your hands together. that is what the atmosphere does. puts a lid on the stuff in the atmosphere, they rub together and they heat up. that is what we are seeing. that is what we are feeling.
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what you are seeing is the marine layer compressed down. that is the visual cue that is happening. physical cue, the idea things rub together and warm up, warmer day time highs tomorrow and friday. a nice looking weather pattern. we will go to the 5 day when i come back, we will look for rain, that is good, even snow. see you back here. new details on a officer involved shooting. what we learned about a man police say exchanged gunfire with officers in pittsburg this morning. >> how a answer by barry bonds was the center of an important court hearing today. >> and our ktvu ipad app is ready to download. watch newscast, traffic, weather and breaking news, anytime, anywhere.
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police officer ask a suspect are recovering from gun shot wounds. they were hurt in a shoot out last night. ktvu's tara moriarty reports on the criminal's past and what led to the gunfire. >> reporter: two police officers spotted a man last night. they say he was standing in front of a house on 12th street but when they tried to approach him he ran. >> as our officers were chasing the suspect he turned and fired
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at our officers. striking one. both officers were able to return fire. striking the suspect. >> heard shots around 11:30 p.m. last night. >> reporter: the officer was not seriously hurt. he was treated at a hospital and released. the suspect with a lengthy history of charges is expected to survive. >> officers did an outstanding job today. they acted upon the threat and did what they were trained to do. >> reporter: for 9 hours this afternoon they poured over four blocks, collecting 10 shell casings. >> we have a crime scene. one thing we will look at, how many shots were fired. >> the officer is a 5 year veteran and placed on paid administrative leave. as has the other officer who has been with the department for 7 years. from here the district attorney
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will take over. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. the police department released the suspect's mugshot this afternoon. he remains in stable condition at local hospital. investigators say he shot the officer in the back. we are told the body armor prevented the bullet from penetrating the body. a share holder from pennsylvania filed a lawsuit today in u.s. district court in new york. it comes a week after a another share holder filed a lawsuit against the company. both lawsuits are seeking to eliminate apple's ability to issue preferred stock. today's lawsuit accuses them of failing to disclose details on how they pay executives. the ceo called the other suit a silly side show. argumenting on both sides,
5:29 pm
whether barry bonds should remain a convicted felon. >> like all best layed plans, the plan to put an opening party on the bridge ran into road blocks today. we will explain, still ahead.
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complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> barry bonds had his day in court today, even though he wasn't there. the proceeding was quick. 35 minutes. but it could take months for the panel to decide whether to throw out barry bonds' conviction. ktvu's rita williams was that day 9 years ago when the case first started and she was there
5:32 pm
for today's hearing. >> reporter: that's right. arguments on both sides today, should barry bonds' conviction be tossed out. >> united states of america versus barry bonds. >> barry bonds was convicted on the basis of a single statement. that statement consists of 52 words. >> reporter: 52 word answer is on the screen now. whether his trainer ever game him everything to inject himself with, that was part of barry bonds' testimony, investigating steroids 9 years ago. >> why couldn't he answer with a yes or no? >> he did. no, no, no. >> the idea of obstruction is delaying the providing of the truthful evidence to the grand
5:33 pm
jury. if you delay and delay and finally give false evidence you are not giving them truthful evidence. >> reporter: they say although their client wanted to be in court they convinced him otherwise. >> his being here could have created a distraction. >> the decision in the next 4-6 months and my guess, might be a 2-1 decision. >> reporter: now, if barry bonds strikes out this time he is expected to keep appealing his conviction all the way to the u.s. supreme court. reporting live, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. right now we have developing news. what you are looking at is live pictures from news chopper 2 in palo alto outside the home of facebook founder mark zuckerberg. tonight mark zuckerberg is holding a fundraiser for new jersey governor chris christie. these are protesters who set up shop outside of the home.
5:34 pm
among other things they are upset over chris christie's stance when it comes to women's issues. if you are curious how chris christie and mark zuckerberg got to know each other, stems from mark zuckerberg donating millions of dollars to schools in new jersey. they became friends after that. live pictures outside the home of mark zuckerberg where protesters are upset over chris christie coming here tonight for a fundraiser. ken pritchett will have more on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. following a developing story. the california highway patrol says it appears one person was killed when a crop duster crashed at 4:15 p.m. this afternoon. that is new information since we brought you the story. the plane was reported down. no other details on the crash have been released. police say the man
5:35 pm
suspected of a bus stop shooting in december has been arrested in new orleans. police say they tracked him through an anonymous tip. he was there visiting a friend for mardi gras and arrested on monday. the friend didn't appear to know he was wanted for attempted murder. he is behind bars in new orleans tonight. the obama administration and lawmakers agreed to make it easier to share information about who is getting hacked and what to do about it. yesterday the president signed an order to create new standards for protecting information and it expends data to share information. senate majority leader harry reid is proposing a proposal as soon as possible. deputies found a huge stock pile of guns and dried marijuana at a home. he was arrested yesterday at
5:36 pm
his property. investigators say they found 111 weapons, 117 pounds of dried marijuana along with ammunition, illegal ammunition magazines and body armor. he was already on probation and wanted. another man was also arrested. the sheriff will make a pitch tomorrow for the purchase of a surveillance drone. they drafted guidelines last week that includes the worse of a drone for crime scene documentation, search and rescue and fire response. the board delayed a decision in december under pressure from the american civil liberties union. they commended the sheriff for the guidelines but expressed concerns about a lack of privacy guidelines. $5 million in taxpayer
5:37 pm
money to be spent on the party for the eastern span of the bay bridge. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar is live with key questions that need to be answered before the party is given the green light. tom? >> reporter: skies may be clear, there is a dark cloud growing over the opening party way up there. >> reporter: money is needed to allow 200,000 people on the bridge before it opens. they have been empowered to raise funds for the gala. >> we need a place where private parties can contribute because we are a public entity. >> reporter: if they raise more than needed who gets that money? >> i am not hearing that it is part of the plan or effort to off set some of these public
5:38 pm
sector costs with sponsorship revenue. >> reporter: they picked opmajor responser without putting it up for bidding. >> i would like that addressed. >> they will vote next week. >> it is a fair question and we will have it answered. >> reporter: he finds himself in the conflicted position of being on the toll authority board and the non-profit. >> we have established a robust fundraising plan. we brought people on board that are familiar with working with major corporations. >> reporter: time is critical because they say planning is late for the opening events. late to get people on the bridge and late for private fundraising needed for whatever
5:39 pm
events transpire. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco's ferry building has a new place to get information. a flap sign announces the arrivals and the departures. they hope this simple looking sign will become to the ferry building what similar signs are to new york city grand central station. >> the looks of an old fashioned sign and we will try to start a new tradition. >> older signs are still used around the world but they say this one is the most high tech there is. a $10 sticking point, the fight that is brewing over what a share in dell is worth. >> he may be behind bars, the party that o.j.
5:40 pm
simpson had for this year's super bowl.
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. share holder rebellion in the work against michael dell's plan to make his company private. they are offering to buy back stock. but they oppose that move. they own 13% of dell stock.
5:43 pm
they say the price should be $23.72 a share. on wall street today the dow is down 35 to 13,982. following yesterday's 5 year high. the nasdaq is up at 3,196. the s&p is up 0.90 at 1,520. talk about an exclusive invitation to a super bowl party. one of the toughest to get had to be the o.j. simpson party for the big game because he held the party inside his cell at the correctional center in nevada. he is one of few that could afford to buy a tv. the problem is, he could only get a limited number in the cell because it is 8 by 10. beverages are the largest source of added sugars in the american diet. >> the petition filed today that could bring change to something many of us drink every day. >> back here in 10 minutes,
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look at the fog, looks like summer time. feels like summer time. how much warmer could it get in february. i will let you know. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪
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consumer health group called on big soft drink makers to cut the amount of sugar in their drinks. the group wants to government to regulate sugary sodas like they regulate tobacco. >> reporter: as health related
5:47 pm
problems rise they call it pure junk. >> beverages are the largest source of sugars in the american diet. >> reporter: they are urging the fda to regulate a safe level for added sugar. >> there are more people in america that are over weight and obese than there are who are normal weight. >> reporter: they classify it as generally recognized as safe. when americans over indulge and have a second or third soda they are harmful. >> they have three tablespoons of high fructose corn syrup. americans consume 38 pounds. companies are spending billions in marketing. >> teachers say drink water instead of soda.
5:48 pm
doesn't have the same inpact as beyonce in the super bowl. >> reporter: they say americans are consuming fewer calories than a decade ago. the fda will respond directly. in washington, ktvu channel 2 news. >> coming up at 6:00 p.m., ktvu channel 2 news poll reveals what californians think about soda and whether they would support placing a tax on those drinks. >> reporter: if your neighborhood has billboards for fast food you are more likely to be beebees. researchers -- beebees. researchers say the risk is modest and they didn't say it led to the obeatty. another study shows california's aggressive antismoking campaign saved billions of healthcare dollars.
5:49 pm
for every dollar california spent on on the program headache dropped $58 billion. that is a savings of $134 billion. the monster beverage company is changing can labels. energy drinks are under scrutiny. by changing the drink status they will list nutrition facts instead of supplement facts and it will disclose the amount of caffeine. they haven't confirmed whether any ingredients will be removed. growing homeless encampment got the attention of officials and will be forced to move. you can see the tents, located near emery and walnut street.
5:50 pm
we spoke with a man and he said people were forced to move from the river banks and this is where they ended up. >> moving us isn't going to get rid of the problem. >> the city needs to focus on creating shelter and programs for the homeless. he said leaders have been eto the camp telling people to move. thousands of people on the carnival cruise should be on land tomorrow. they are towing it to mobile, alabama. two helicopters with generators and supplies have been sent. the ship has been paralyzed since sunday. passengers say conditions are rough. >> urinating in bags. onion sandwiches. standing in line for food, 4 hours. >> carnival cruise said passengers get $500 in addition
5:51 pm
to their full refund and future cruise credit. i heard you say there is rain in the forecast? >> we are looking out there towards next week, chance for showers next week. in the mean time we got this, nice weather out there. we can look that live storm tracking two. you can see the fog pushed off shore. that tells us the winds are blowing off shore. the fog will work its way back to the coast. be prepared for that. tomorrow is a warmer day. the high pressure will intensify a little bit. we got low 60s right now. 62 in antioch. 63 livermore. it is february. it is quarter to 6:00 p.m., 62 in concord. that is the high building. indicators things will be warmer tomorrow. nice today. upper 60s. coast was cooler but a nice day
5:52 pm
today. nicer tomorrow and friday looks like a stellar day as well. we need rain but it is not going to happen in the five-day forecast. frost in the morning, not everywhere. santa rosa, petaluma. look for that. areas of dense fog over night long the coast, as you expect, the high presses down, pushing the fog back to the coast. it is dry. intensification warms us up. as we go into thursday and friday, warmest days of the week. thursday and friday will be similar. low 70s on friday. maybe 69, 70 tomorrow. but next two days, thursday and friday look nice for warm weather. doesn't feel like february. over night lows represented with purples being 30s and these being 40s. this area here -- hard to see. 50s. afternoon hours the greens are
5:53 pm
60s. yellows are 70s. brought brush of what -- broad brush of what you got. santa rosa, petaluma warmest spots tomorrow. santa rosa 70 degrees tomorrow. 66 fairfield. 67 napa. amazing numbers considering the time of year. here is the good news. we have a ton of rain in december -- i mean a ton. we are at 95, 96, 97. there is your five-day forecast. tuesday and wednesday, towards the weekend there is a chance of showers. >> we are excited. thank you. we have a winner. a local dog hit it big. also a fight over our mail, the postal service wants to stop saturday service, why is this attempt to cut cost under fire? @÷
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
we have live pictures from palo alto. new jersey governor chris christie is holding aing a fundraiser at mark zuckerberg. this groups had grown. since 20 minutes ago. they are protesting against mark zuckerberg's support for chris christie siting his treatment of women's health
5:57 pm
issues. ktvu's ken pritchett doesn't believe the governor arrived, he is expected here, ken will have a live report coming up on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. in washington senators blasted plans to end most u.s. mail delivery on saturday. he testified and defended the move to end saturday mail delivery. he said it will save billions of dollars and keep post offices open but senators said rural areas will suffer. >> we don't get mail for 6-6 days. if we will have a mail surface better work for rural america. >> other lawmakers defended the switch, they say it will help keep them in business despite competition from the internet and e-mail. bay area dog was among the top dogs in the westminister
5:58 pm
kennel club. he won best breed. the best winner was banana joe. banana joe won best in show. he is 5 years old from pennsylvania and it is the first time a member of the breed has won best in show at westminister kennel club. on this day before valentine's day pg&e wants to remind everyone the potential dangers of balloons. if the balloons hit power lines they could cause power outages and lead to injuries. pg&e said keep the balloons indoors and make sure they are always tied to a heavy weight. following developing story in two cities. a teen stabbed to death on a street in san jose and a fatal shooting in the east bay. we are talking to police in both cities, gathering new information for you. >> he is accused of kidnapping,
5:59 pm
raping and kill ag13-year-old girl, the threat this -- killing a 13-year-old girl, the threat this man poses even though he is behind bars.

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